How does placing a Buddha image at home for worship get to function? Which Buddha image is deemed most suited for worship at home?


Placing a Buddha image at home for worship is a means of guarding

and protecting auspice. It imparts a sense of security around the

household. Further, doing so helps purify mind and thought because

constant contemplation of the Buddha image with its adornment and

compassion brings home peace and assurance. It is a beneficial act.

Which Buddha and bodhisattva images or how many of them there are

for worship at home hinges on where the shrine is planned within the

house. There is ample space in the sitting-room, for instance, for

placement of all three Buddha images, but, if within the constraint of a

smaller niche, placement of one Buddha or bodhisattva image is wholly

appropriate as well. Joy in mind arising, the essence of it all is having

special connection with a particular Buddha or bodhisattva image.