How effectively functioning is Prajnaparamitahrdaya Sutra?


Heart Sutra—abbreviation for Prajnaparamitahrdaya Sutra—in 600

scrolls originates from Mahaprajnaparamita Sutra. Its extremely allencompassing

content was condensed into Diamond Sutra and, further,

into the 260-character, quintessentially prajna-transmitting Heart Sutra.

Prajna denotes great wisdom in reaching yonder shore, and

prajnaparamita, that in going from the present lifetime, from

transmigration between rebirths and redeaths, into nirvana. Heart

Sutra recounts suchness of existents realized and true void known.

Prajna cultivators and learners may yet to awaken to the suchness of

existents, but, in unbroken remembrance and chanting, in tireless

studies and implementing, will effectively unfurl mind, unravel

thinking, and purge away all common desires.