What is the chant of transference about?


There is, at the close of a sutra, the chant of transference, a prayer of

blessings for everyone from sutra reciter, dharani retainer, repenter,

family and friends, to all living beings. The chant reads:

‘Pray that merit and virtue

Pervade upon each and every,

And that all living beings

Shall attain Buddhahood.’

The Buddha taught all practitioners to transfer own merit and virtue to

On knowledge in prostrating before the Buddha and reciting the sutras

another, to benefit another with such merit and virtue, protection and

shelter. A show of noble character, transference is vast merit and virtue.

In the following is a chant of transference frequently in use:

‘Pray such merit and virtue

Adorn the Buddha' s Pureland,

May the four graces above be reciprocated

And pains in three destinies below relieved.

If those hearing about it

Initiate the bodhi mind,

This reward body ending,

Shall all attain Buddhahood.’

Supporters for such a chant of transference often contribute to its

publication in print, thereby transferring merit and virtue to family and

friends already deceased and praying that they be received and guided

toward Pureland rebirth. Or, the supporters pray that the calamity of

their elderly folks be eliminated and their life be extended, blessedness

adding and wisdom growing, all of which are merit and virtue that

benefit self as much as another.