Is eating allowed before sutra recitation? If interrupted midway, would it be right to reassume afterwards?


Eating before reciting the sutras or not, really, hinges on circumstance.

There are no fixed rules for this. In monastic life, breakfast follows

completion of the morning liturgy. It may not be so at home, where a

light breakfast precedes morning liturgy is acceptable. The only thing to

note is that, however, breakfast even before recitation and prostration is

rightly to be vegetarian in content, like milk and cereal, tea or coffee,

jam and bread, as a show of sincerity and reverence.

If interrupted amidst sutra recitation, take a break, get up to tend

to matters, and then return to pick up where left off. Do not leave

recitation unfinished. Just like taking a break in weaving and then

returning to carry on spinning the yarns in accordance with the pattern

already in place. A decent piece of cloth results. Unaffected. Sutra

recitation likewise. Recite a whole scroll or several chapters, rest, and

then reassume. If interrupted midway due to circumstances, restart

from that particular scroll or chapter. Such is the right approach.