How is a resident in a seniors' home to undertake practice?


The days running a little longer and humor a little less than good, it is

no surprise for a resident in a home for seniors to turn around to see

if there is a way out, that is, via practice.

Really, seniors need to be kept from indulging in things of the past,

from comparing things then with things now; seniors need to confront

reality, to face today. For happiness to be gained for the rest of one' s

life only comes with retributions ultra blessed. Put down all burdens,

therefore, practice the Dharma, return the mind to peace, rid defilement,

remember the Buddha, seek Pureland rebirth, and go from

harrowing pains upon this shore to ultimate joy and purity upon yonder

shore. Gather thoughts, remember the Buddha in earnest, contemplate

through mind with no cease, chant through mouth with no break, count

prayer beads with fingers to keep tab on numbers, and, if choosing to

silently repeat in mind, contemplate Amitabha Buddha in the Pureland

of the West. With one mind unflustered, defilement is due to depart.

The Chinese character for remember denotes mind of the moment,

that is, contemplating the Buddha in thought and remembrance here

and now. Walking, standing, sitting, and lying, remember the Buddha

with calm mind in every state, seek rebirth in the Pureland, and persist.

One mind unflustered toward the end, Amitabha Buddha together with

all the saints manifest. Received and guided, then, attain rebirth in the

Pureland. As Buddhist practitioners, be realistic, stop demanding the

impossible, accept life as is, be committed in practice, stay focused,

work hard to accumulate merit and virtue, keep a decent stock of

assets for the Pureland, and, in the meantime, remember the Buddha.

Such is the undertaking of practice.