Can a Buddhist practitioner be an organ donor?


There is a mind for pity in everyone. The ability to help another survive

is, indeed, a signature of virtue, the noblest of behavior, and the right

practice of the Dharma. For compassion is a primordial Buddhist

character. The Buddha' s teachings on how to live compassion abound

in the Mahayana texts.

The Dharma relates multiple ways of giving, among which are those

of giving wealth both external and internal. One way to give internal

wealth is letting someone in need have own body after own death. For

a genuine Buddhist practitioner, organ donation, responsibility not to

side-step, enables continuation of another life and, more important,

benefits self and benefits another in the fulfillment of—

‘Great kindness regardless of causal condition,

Great pity as regards all beings of same self-nature.’

(Source: Upasaka Lu Rongguang)