How is marriage viewed in Buddhism? And celibacy?


In Buddhism, there are four varga in Sanskrit, hereafter four groups.

They are the two groups of monastics, bhiksu and bhiksuni or monks

and nuns, and two groups of householders, upasaka and upasika or

male and female devotees. Matrimony is prohibited for the two groups

of monastics, whilst it is systemically practiced for the two groups of

householders, but with the preceptive order against sexual misconduct

beyond the marital bond.

Celibacy, neither approved nor disapproved in Buddhism, is basically

a personal issue. For individuals with lofty aspirations or religious

commitments necessitating a lifetime of dedication, celibacy works

splendidly. On the other hand, for individuals seeking lifelong companionship,

marriage, which is all about rational, normal coexistence

between the spouses, works equally well.