What to do to refrain from downfall into the hells?


Propelled by own karmic retributions, violation of shi e wu ni, ten evils

and five rebellious acts, is bound for downfall into the hells. How best to

leave misfortune for fortune? Practice of virtue in termination of evil,

needless to say, slams the gate to the hells.

Ten virtues are no killing, no stealing, no sexual misconduct, no

double tongue, no coarse language, no improper remarks, no lying,

no greed, no anger, and no ignorance. Cultivation of the ten virtues is

unimpeded with the three karma of body, mouth, and thought always

on the alert and always kept from straying. Further, regular excursions

along the path of giving and affinity, too, help refrain from downfall

into the hells.