Though an ordinary human being, I want to know where to find great wisdom with which to resolve day-to-day issues in relationships. Please advise.


Headaches and heartaches in relationships, indeed, need greater

wisdom with which to alleviate. Wisdom is more than mere smartness,

that is, abilities to cope and register, which, in Buddhism, are do not

suffice. Anyhow, the approach to issues in life is adjustment and

tolerance, learning from experience and investigating all aspects,

making time for everything as needed and seeing results in the end.

As for seeking great wisdom, the meaning of prajna, ultimate wisdom

in Buddhism, is threefold:

First, prajna of the absolute fundamental reality is the realm of

maturation and perfection attained on exit and departure from

the three realms and liberation from transmigration among rebirths

and redeaths. The suchness of existents, when realized, enables

transcendence over worldly experience and knowledge, clearance

of defilement, freedom from the ravel of words and speech, purity

and sublimation of thinking, and realization of prajna of the absolute

fundamental reality.

Second, prajna of contemplation is the path, the method of learning,

which comprises sutra recitation, the Buddha remembrance, retaining

the names of bodhisattvas, holding to the dharani, and practicing

samadhi. As the mind abounds in void and energy, it is rightly

positioned in the terrain of prajna of contemplation.

Third, prajna of the written word—incidentally, the written word

resembling signs—covers worldly professional terrains, like medicine,

construction, the arts, and literature. Prajna of the written word

is acquiring skills in any of them and utilizing such skills to

benefit another.

Assimilation of prajna in all three categories takes diligent learning

and recitation of the sutras. Section on Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva' s

Omnipresent Hearing (in Surangama Sutra) has this to say:

‘Via hearing, thinking, and cultivating, enter samadhi.’

Hearing pertains to attention to virtuous teachers opening up the

treasury of truth and indicating its meaning, proclaiming and speaking

on the sutra and sastra, and hence helping launch wisdom all our own.

Thinking pertains to telling right from wrong, picking the positive and

sticking to it, and hence putting cultivation in practice. We listen, we

read, we utilize access to extremely capacious resources in online

information, and we escalate—in wisdom.