Life seems without hope at times. What do Buddhists do about it?


Everyone' s life is stressed one way or another. The Buddha had taught

self-training: regain strength and deal with all assaults whatever they

are. There in the four noble truths are the truth of suffering and truth

of the origin of suffering. The Buddha' s response to that was most

forthright. Distress, though forever looming, is eliminable. Take courage,

confront issues, and find resolutions. As well, in practice, the Buddha

put forth the truth of the path to cessation of suffering. Pursue own

path, strengthen own will, and keep working. Such day-to-day practice

is fine-tuning own perception about life and building resistance against

life' s meddling and assault.

Even anger but comes and goes amidst another moment of arising and

extinction. Anger heads nowhere. There is room in life for hurt; there is

also room in life for bliss. Ours has been a decent life, after all, with

technology, affluence, and freedom. Forget pains already gone, then,

head toward the virtuous, be kind to ourselves, abide by the doctrine,

make proper use of facilities available, service the community, build

affinity, and earn merit and virtue with joy. Own life force thus

empowered, defilement wanes. A fulfilled life brimming with light

and hope has no room for wastage.