With mother-in-law gravely ill, what to do?


The Buddhist practice is people practice. Initiating compassion,

generate virtuous cause to reap virtuous fruit, and resonate with

blessed retribution.

Carry on with own work as before. Rest and sleep as needed. Receive

visitors enquiring after mother-in-law as they come, and assure them on

the importance to be controlled and quiet during visits.

For the now gravely ill mother-in-law, try helping unravel her uncertainty,

showing her how to contemplate—not necessarily chant—the Buddha' s

name, telling her about the supreme adornment of the Pureland of the

West, and, above all, encouraging her to head toward its direction. Thus

anchoring her mind may alleviate her pain somewhat, return her to

peace and comfort, and spare her from imagination and strain. What' s

more, place at her bedside an Amitabha Buddha image, even a small

portrait. Make time to recite Amitabha Sutra, Heart Sutra, Chapter on

the Universal Gate, or Great Compassion Dharani for her, asking her to

join in if she can. Even play the Buddha remembrance cassette tape for

her, allowing the Buddha' s name to fill the air. Pray to the Buddha for

care and protection. The patient' s mind at peace and well tended to,

she, even on passing in the end, will be guided toward rebirth in a

virtuous place. As her loved ones, be accepting and grieve not.