With happenstance for an affair, what to do?


The Buddhist concept of condition pertains to chance, to bondage, in

which things are intertwined from initiation all the way to connection

and, finally, to separation. In the process, all of us are bound to find

ourselves in relationships. It is crucial thing to treat relationships as

positive karma and eliminate the negative.

A happy marriage is a thing of beauty, but the happenstance for an

affair, its destroyer. Think this way: good condition put on top of good

cause would never come down to evil fruit. Adhere to good condition

all yours, then, never leave or abandon it, and attain good fruit. Transfer

thought and admiration from the would-be lover to the Buddhas and

bodhisattvas. Love selflessly. Be as kind to yourself as you are to

another. Exit from any relationship uncalled-for.

Among the five precepts for Buddhist practitioners is the precept

against sexual misconduct, connoting that a married couple should

stay faithful to each other—the root of a family immunized from angst.