How is sitting medication practiced?


The three steps of sitting meditation are: tiao-shen, regulating body;

tiao-xi, regulating breathing, and tiao-xin, regulating mind.

First, to regulate body, aptly sit in the unequivocal lotus position by

folding legs. Utilize raised seat to straighten up back and waist and to

refrain from bending. Stably seated, place both palms on lap. Mind

open and with light smile, relax and allow body to regulate itself.

Second, to regulate breathing, it needs to be recognized for having

a workload next in line to the heartbeat. Lotus position established,

slightly pay attention to breathing by lowering it to the diaphragm—

unhindered. Later, feel light movement in the stomach; a few more

minutes later, allow breathing to descend to the belly level, conventionally

called breathing via the belly. The average person takes about

16 breaths per minute, and the meditator, 8-10 breaths. In the process,

tender, light exhaling and inhaling in fine, regular breaths continue in

long, deep, and incessant operation. The meditator manages to halve

the breathings per minute. That, however, in no way reduces oxygen

intake because long, deep exhaling-cum-inhaling suffices to replenish

the amount of air without overworking the lungs.

Third, to regulate mind, continue with the exercise of slow, smooth

breathing amidst meditation. Body now rested and emotions in balance,

such is also when miscellaneous notions erupt. Rein in the mind via

the method of yi-shou, guarding thought. Adherence of thought to

lower dan-tian—the region 2.5 inches below the naval—is as safe

as it is effective.

Sitting meditation, having gone through regulating and harmonizing

process in body, mouth, and thought, is technically complete. The

meditator thus breathes more slowly, more deeply, body movements

take a break, blood circulation, digestive functions, nerve reflexes, and

the endocrine system all slow down, and the brain is given temporary

respite. The meditator feels more assuaged than ever before, skin and

spine filling with warmth, body and mind reviving in health and with

content, peace and tranquility returning. The body might then experience

a little tremor. Just take it easy.