Is there a special path to sitting meditation?


There are no secret paths to sitting meditation, which is really all about

concentrating amidst spiritual powers congealed, laying down delusions

and miscellaneous notions, and no longer accounting for wins and

losses. For apprehension is indeed a hefty emotional baggage. It is

only in deeming all things as void, in relinquishment and liberation, in

purging away all worldly emotions, and hence in clarity and openness,

in health and harmony, that the unworldly spirit commits itself to

worldly achievements.

There is nothing supernatural about the exercise of sitting meditation,

which is in essence personal cultivation. The qi—energy flow—mechanism

activates. The body warms up and the energy flow pervades it. At

times patting of hands or light bodily motions may occur. Both are

normal. Take things easy. No need attempting to exert suppression or

be overly concerned.