The Buddha expounded the sutras in 300 gatherings and abided by

a lifetime of 80 years. His teachings—copiously metaphorical—pierce

life as is; his commentaries—tangibly imaged—guide life as lived. In an

outflow of compassion and patience, equality and integrity, sacrifice and

peace, he demonstrates decision-making that tallies with science and

benefits another. With wisdom, with sophistication, with elegance. Like

gold flowing and hues shimmering, his words move all those listening

to the core.

There is altitude; there is depth.

There is mystery; there is fervor.

Action? Aplenty.

No compassion compromised.

No righteousness resigned.

Myself alight, show another the path.

' Tis in the magnitude of such energy the Buddhist literature abounds.

Chapter on Samantabhadra Bodhisattva' s Act and Vow in Avatamsaka

Sutra delivers the message:

‘If to all living beings offer reverence and service,

Such equals reverencing and servicing the Tathagata.’

The lesson is about reverencing the vow in mind of all living beings,

about servicing them, because doing so is reverencing and servicing the

Buddha and bodhisattvas. This is how life is to be lived! Buddhism is the

people religion: practitioners learn and be better, connect in affinity and

rejoice in the Dharma.