What era marked the launch of the Faxiang sect?

The Faxiang (literally, characteristics of things) sect—Dharmalaksana

in Sanskrit, also known as the Weishi (literally, nothing exists apart

from mind) or Ci-en (literally, compassion and grace) sect—belongs

in the systemic school of the reality of all phenomena, Sarvastivada.

It was established during the reign of emperor Taizong in the Tang

dynasty. The great master Xuanzang (600-664), on returning from

Tianzhu (transliteration of ancient India), successfully amalgamated

all ten divisions of the Weishi sect into a single-volume Cheng Weishi

lun (Complete Sastra on Weishi), 10 scrolls. Master Kuiji, his disciple,

furthered the spread of the Weishi doctrine by editing Cheng Weishi

lun shu-ji (Narration and Records of Complete Sastra on Weishi),

100 scrolls.