What does the title Sakyamuni Buddha denote?

(In Chinese Buddhism,) Sakya, able in generosity, denotes being mighty

in benevolence, with which to teach and transform all living beings and

enable them to be liberated from rebirths and redeaths.

Muni denotes extinction, in which the practicing saint' s innate greed,

anger, ignorance, and defilement are relinquished, all bad seeds

cleared, evil ended and virtue done, void, without form, without vow,

without act attained, and the realm of real void prajna reached, thereby

no more seeds of defilement existing in mind, no more evil fruit, no

more suffering from rebirth, aging, sickness, and death, but entrance

into nirvana with no remaining karma for suffering or, if aspiring, return

from nirvana to the saha world to continue delivering all living beings.

Buddha denotes enlightening self, enlightening another, and

enlightening process complete.

Enlightening self denotes the practicing saint awakening to how life

transmigrates between rebirths and redeaths among the three realms

and, with the purport of the four dogmas to be realization of nirvana

known, resorting to cultivate and learn the truth of the path to cessation

of suffering.

Enlightening another denotes the practicing saint needing to dually

cultivate blessedness and wisdom, universally deliver all living beings,

duly perfect merit and virtue, and ultimately attain the Buddha Way.

Enlightening process complete denotes perfecting merit and virtue

as gained from enlightening self and enlightening another.