What does the title Amitabha Buddha denote? What is the constant repeating of Amitabha Buddha' s name all about?

Amitabha denotes immeasurable light, immeasurable life, and the

Buddha, the Enlightened One. It is only when merit and virtue are reaped

from enlightening self whilst enlightening another, the process in itself

perfected, and all three functions attained that an individual can rightly

be called the enlightened one. Another of Amitabha Buddha' s appellation

is Buddha of Immeasurable Life (or Longevity). According to the sutras,

Amitabha Buddha is founder of the Pureland of Ultimate Joy more than

ready and pleased to receive and conduct all living beings aspiring for

rebirth therein. Amitabha Buddha lives life with neither measure nor

bounds; all living beings in the Pureland, too, live life with neither

measure nor bounds.

Exceptional affinity existent between Amitabha Buddha and ordinary

folks, practitioners constantly repeat his name—that in itself a much

favored format—for two reasons. First, with the Pureland practice widely

adopted and the (image of) Amitabha Pureland manifest, practitioners

would enthuse in the prospect of rebirth therein and, subsequently, be

mindful in remembering, and struggle to adhere unto the end of the

present lifetime. Second, crammed with mulling and vexations whilst

seeking peace and quiet in mind, the regular person would find refuge

in Amitabha Buddha' s name as cleanser of anxieties. Hence constant

chanting of Amitabha' s name in practice.