What does the title of the Healing Buddha denote?

The body of the Healing Buddha, on enlightenment, came to resemble

the vaidurya, becoming clear and thorough inside out, brilliant, vast,

and adorned, and shining upon immeasurable worlds. His Buddhadomain

is called the Pure Vaidurya Realm, where all living beings are

with no defilement and society no evil, where the land is vaidurya-based,

paths are like golden ropes, and dwellings are of the seven precious

gems—wholly adorned in merit and virtue like the Pureland of Ultimate

Joy of the West. Hence his title Bhaisajyaguruvaiduryaprabhasa, literally,

the Guru of Medicine, the Tathagata of the Vaidurya Light or, for short,

Bhaisajyaguru Buddha.

Vaidurya is not common glass! It is an indestructible precious stone

that is translucent in form, azure as the sky, glittering in quality, clear

through and through, and reflective inside out. Emitting therein, the

clear and pure vaidurya light is likened to the Healing Buddha' s

quintessential great vows to salvage the sick, the needy, and the

sufferers from catastrophes, bringing all living beings peace, joy, and

health both body and mind. Chanting of the Healing Buddha' s name

enables elimination of suffering and extension of life. Hence the other

title, the Healing Buddha Eliminating Calamity and Extending Life.