Who is the bodhisattva all about?

The bodhisattva, abbreviated as pu-sa in Chinese, is an individual

having initiated great bodhi in mind whilst emulating the Buddha

alongside all others, seeking the Buddha Way beyond whilst converting

all living beings around, practicing the discipline, meditation,

and wisdom whilst cultivating blessedness, and praying to attain

Buddhahood whilst awakening all living beings to the attainment

of blessedness and wisdom and imparting compassion to them. To

practice the bodhisattva way, knowledge and ability must be in place;

to become a bodhisattva, panca vidya, the five sciences of ancient

India, must be pursued, as the Chapter on the Bodhisattva Rank in

Yogacaryabhumi Sastra states:

‘The bodhisattva rightly taps the resources of the five sciences.’

First, adhyatma vidya, knowledge of inner meaning, meditation

enabling inner peace, quiet, and harmony;

Second, cikitsa vidya, knowledge of healing, care for the sick;

Third, silpasthana vidya, knowledge of construction engineering,

applications of sound, light, heat, and magnetism;

Fourth, sabda vidya, knowledge of the arts, applications of music

and all cultural arts; and

Fifth, hetu vidya, knowledge of logic, its applications.

The manner in which technology benefits modern living profusely

exemplifies the practice of the bodhisattva—in no way a deity. For

the bodhisattva is in actuality you and me with the Buddhist faith,

the bodhi mind, and refuge taken in the Three Jewels whilst afoot

on the bodhisattva path.