What does the title bodhisattva denote?

The bodhisattva is believer in the Buddha' s teachings and practitioner

of the Buddha' s words. A practitioner having taken refuge in the Three

Jewels becomes a bodhisattva of initial potentiality, thereby embracing

the goal in the cultivation of discipline, meditation, and wisdom and dual

practice of blessedness and wisdom. Cultivating blessedness is actively

playing own role in society and undertaking to transform all living beings

whilst putting an end to own inner defilement and implementing

own wisdom.

Bodhisattva images enshrined in temples as tributes to past saints

of great virtue are more often mistaken for the bodhisattvas themselves.

Such images are meant to evoke reverence and help sow bodhi seeds,

but the bodhisattvas themselves are awakening sentients and great

saints effectively seeking the Buddha Way beyond whilst converting

all living beings around.