Why the pursuit of rebirth in the Pureland?

The saha world comprises five kasaya periods of impurity:

First, the kalpa in decay, turbidity of the times, ongoing downfall,

warring, diseases, and starvation;

Second, deterioration of view, end-of-era strife and chaos;

Third, the delusions of desire, indulgence in passions, anger, conflict,

and deception, inducing inner restlessness and negative outbreaks of


Fourth, in consequence human miseries increase and joy decreases,

evil shortfalls mounting, mind and body contaminated, right reasoning

unattained; and

Fifth, human lifetime gradually diminishes to ten years, all living beings

overloaded with defilement and hard-pressed both in mind and body,

lifetime hence diminishing.

Practice extremely arduous for all living beings within the five kasaya

periods of impurity, the Buddha would urge them to seek rebirth in the