What assets of blessedness and virtue are to be accumulated for rebirth in Amitabha' s Pureland?

Aspiring for rebirth in the Pureland of Amitabha, it is crucial to

cultivate the threefold blessedness:

First, be filial to and in support of parents, attend to teachers,

be compassionate and refrain from killing, cultivate the karma of

ten virtues;

Second, receive and keep the threefold refuge, complete all precepts,

refrain from violation of the dignified deportment; and

Third, initiate the bodhi mind, command profound faith in cause and

effect, recite the Mahayana (literature), exhort fellow practitioners.

Sutra of Contemplating the Buddha of Immeasurable Life promises

rebirth in the World of Ultimate Joy of the West if practice of the

threefold blessedness be complete.