What does the domain of Aksobhya Buddha denote? Its gist?

The domain of Aksobhya Buddha denotes wondrous delight,

wondrous joy.

In the domain of Aksobhya Buddha, the gist of its pureland thinking

is fivefold as the name itself represents nonexistence of anger

and anxiety, hereby lightly outlined (refer to Sutra on the Domain

of Aksobhya Buddha):

First, focus on self-effectuated achievements: while the Pureland

thinking is somewhat inclined toward dependence on the strength

of another, the Aksobhya Buddha thinking stems solely from one' s

own strength;

Second, be inclusive of the sravaka and spread the bodhisattva

way: in the domain of Aksobhya Buddha, the arhan is permitted

to enter nirvana;

Third, attend to all living beings of the saha world: the notable

householder Vimalakirti, whose story is recorded in Sutra of

Vimalakirti, was one representative activist in working to deliver

all living beings;

Fourth, attend to the humanistic pureland: let the pureland on earth

be implemented; and

Fifth, deliver women from adversity: eradicate suffering both mental

and biological and elevate status sociological.