What basics are there behind taking faith in Buddhism?


The primordial drift in the Buddhist doctrine is that everyone possesses

the Buddha-nature. Simultaneous cultivation of the three studies of

discipline, meditation, and wisdom atop that of karma in blessedness

will denote that Buddhahood is to be attained one day. Whoever

completes the Hinayana practice becomes a lohan or a pratyekabuddha,

is subsequently liberated from transmigrations between

rebirths and redeaths, and realizes nirvana with no remaining karma

for suffering.

Taking faith in Buddhism, we become committed abiders by the five

precepts and ten virtues, four noble truths, three Dharma signs, and six

paramitas, act in accordance with the precepts and discipline, adhere to

the conviction in cause and effect, find delight in doing good and giving,

execute pure progress, respect all around us, and benefit self and

another. Such is the code of behavior for practitioners; such are the

composite basics of Buddhism.