A Buddhist practitioner' s mission?


The sutra states:

‘Service all Buddhas of ten directions unwearied,

Cultivate and learn all Dharma methods unimpeded.’

Service denotes support. Buddhist practitioners, when in support of all

Buddhas of ten directions, are committing likewise to the benefit of all

living beings and, in the process, acquire all Dharma methods in full.

Chapter on the Bodhisattva Rank in Yogacaryabhumi Sastra states:

‘The bodhisattva rightly taps the resources of the five sciences.’

The five sciences are: knowledge of healing, knowledge of construction

engineering, knowledge of the arts, knowledge of logic, and knowledge

of inner meaning. Aptly equipped with knowledge, ability, and wisdom,

Buddhist practitioners are enabled to spread the Dharma for the benefit

of all and, thus committing, to service all Buddhas of ten directions and

the living beings.