What is a Buddhist neophyte to do?


Mind initiated in emulating the Buddha, the first prerequisite is faith,

that in taking refuge in the Three Jewels. Regular daily duties and

chores aside, allow mind to concentrate on own thought undistracted,

allow eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, and mental state to stay still, and

allow consciousness to contemplate whilst reciting sutras, prostrating

before the Buddha, practicing repentance, repeating the Buddha' s

name, retaining the words of the dharani, or learning the samadhi—

all to the benefit of self.

It is adamant for a Buddhist neophyte to never lapse into the delusion

of chasing merit and virtue only because practicing in such a manner

handily impels one to think greed and hence to sidetrack. It is therefore

just as adamant for a Buddhist neophyte to move on, stay valiant, and

properly emulate the Buddha!