Why does a man want to leave home?


The Buddha had taught how life is but incessant continuation in

transmigrating between rebirths and redeaths, how life keeps

journeying through the six destinies, the realms of desire, form, and

formlessness and others, and how, leaping out of the three realms,

being free from transmigration, and enabling life to attain great selfexistence

or absolute independence, to initiate great bodhi mind.

It is natural for a Buddhist practitioner to embrace the aspiration for

leaving home. For taking refuge in the Three Jewels is tantamount to

the mindset for leaving home, to the vow initiated for exit from dwelling

in the three realms and six destinies. Home denotes confinement, that

of the three realms and six destinies. But, leaving home in mind aside,

the undaunted, unwavering, and unyielding ones opt for showing dignity

and sincerity in body and appearance before the rest of us and abiding

by the extended vinaya. Such a form of physical and practical manifestation

is leaving home in body. A Buddhist practitioner capable of

leaving home in mind and body becomes a bhiksu or bhiksuni, who

turns a defiled life into a nonleaking one, who is liberated from the

transmigration between rebirths and redeaths, and who exits from the

three realms.