In the Buddhist teachings of relinquishment and liberation, what is there to be relinquished and to be liberated from?


Relinquishment denotes letting go of all emotions. Unattached. The

process comes in several stages. The urge within us to grab attention,

to get ourselves known, to gain position, and to amass fortune exhibits

itself as the love of all things positive. But, in actively chasing them,

if we slip into unwise choices and hence tainted progress, we are just

as well misguiding ourselves along the way. We become overtaken by

greed and anger, foolishly attach to loved ones and are unkind toward

those we love less, and hurt ourselves whilst hurting another. The

roots of greed and anger are, more often than not, ignorance which,

uncontrollably extended, can be catastrophic. Buddhism teaches

relinquishment, ridding of all negative emotions to unravel inner doubt.

Further, relinquishment is cultivating and learning the method of exit

from the world.

Such circumstance equals taking on the method of virtue. But the

worldly method of virtue is far from pure, does not take care of thorough

liberation, and requires much added effort. Like a bottle filled with

poison, even on emptying out its content, cannot contain food because

residual poison is still there. It is proof that the method of virtue carries

defiling cause and effect. The bottle needs to be thoroughly, absolutely

cleaned before getting to hold anything else; we need to preserve the

method of virtue whilst purging away all traces of defilement.

Giving in the hope of earning fame and fortune in return is an act

of leaking virtue, not genuine giving. Buddhism calls this the defiled,

tainted method of virtue. We need to put down and be freed from such

contamination, learn to give with genuine heartiness again, revive own

emotions and let them be healthy once more, and earn pure retribution

for good deeds in the end. Now that truly accords with relinquishment,

with liberation.

Relinquishing and liberating from evil deeds, life is purged from

retribution accordingly, the worst of which, however, is compelled

tripping nonstop between rebirths and redeaths. Only when all

emotions and the myriad conditions are laid down can we, in the

three realms and transmigration, come clean.