Does relinquishing in Buddhism mean doing nothing?


Relinquishment is gaining freedom from the attached and entangled

portions of emotions, like distresses at work, in business, in school,

and at home, pressures of time, discomforts, and tantrums.

The Buddha taught about hard work and a peaceful livelihood: no

thought of greed, anger, and ignorance arising, earnest commitment

to work, fulfillment of responsibility, and stability in mind. That is

relinquishment; that is liberation. Like a man shouldering a hefty load

on the road. He slogged on; he eventually reached his destination; he

laid down his baggage. In hindsight, his discomfort on the way was not

the load itself but something illusive. It was only when he overcame

his emotions that he succeeded in relinquishment and liberation.

Relinquishment is definitely not about doing nothing.