Who wrote the sutras?


The sutras were recordings produced and then assembled by the

Buddha' s disciples. During the fourth month after the Buddha' s

passing, they gathered in the Seven-leaf Cave outside the city of

Rajagrha, holding the first synod to recall, determine, and assemble

a lifetime of the Buddha' s words and teaching. Mahakasyapa the

Honored One presided and Ananda recited. The sutras to be

assembled there and then were The Agamas, subdivided into four

parts, namely, Dirghagama (Long Agama), Madhyamagama (Middle

Agama), Ekottaragama (Numerical Agama), and Samyuktagama

(Miscellaneous Agama).

On Ananda reading the sutras as told by the Buddha, 500 individuals

taking part in the gathering set out to investigate and confirm their

authenticity. Such was how the sutras came to be recorded.