Expound the process of leaving home.


A Buddhist practitioner, having heard the doctrine as the Buddha told,

initiates the bodhi mind, aspires for liberation from transmigration

between rebirths and redeaths and for surpassing and transcending

the three realms and six destinies, and seeks breakthrough in cause

and condition and eradication of all defilement. Such is leaving home

in mind. But everyone' s karmic retributions differ. Only a few of us are

capable of initiating the bodhi mind whilst relinquishing all things—

family, career, wealth, power, and status inclusive, adhering to the

Buddha' s stipulations with vigor, shaving head and donning the

monastic garment, and becoming bhiksus and bhiksunis. Such is

leaving home in body and mind.

Before being able to coolly pronounce the intent to leave home,

an aspirant first needs to be complete with knowledge of own

environment and a good sense of own intent, readiness in mind

and detachment toward all things, plus abilities to fight the lures

corresponding to the senses of form, sound, smell, taste, and touch,

and to be unmoved by issues of wealth, appearance, repute, food,

and sleep. As circumstances differ, someone with family has a lot

awaiting resolution for sure, in which case, though, awaiting children

to grow up and consensus to be reached with spouse before making

any decision would be wise.